The world is
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Our history in importing fruit has taken us to many orchards around the world. Together with our suppliers, we have built up trust and got to know each other in detail, from growing to packing. We regularly visit our growers and look together at what we can best deliver to our customers. Click here for an overview of where our products are imported from.

Brands that travel the world


SFI's brands have been developed in order to create a unique identity in combination with high-quality fruit. This means that only the best products are allowed to wear the label of Supreme or Sunred

A luxury treatment for our 'high-end' Tango and Nadarcott mandarins. A brand that SFI has been carrying for many years and was given a makeover in 2022. Products imported in our Supreme packaging are popular with our customers.
Watch our Supreme commercial here.



Premium Quality



Grounded on a rich healthy soil down in Mexico, you will find our high-quality limes. Up on a beautiful horizon, lime trees at their best. And when the sun sets, the green valley gives place to Sunred colours to end another thankful day.


A good reason to brand our premium limes, SUNRED

Check our SUNRED commercial here.

HEIDL Blueberries


In 2020, SFI Hamburg developed a new brand for its organic and conventional blueberry line. Under the name "Heidl" and "Bio-Heidl", the brand was launched in 2021 and implemented in two supermarket programmes. In cooperation with our logistics partner, we introduced recyclable packaging for the organic brand which has been well received by our customers to this day.

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