How we work


SFI believes in personal connections with her partners and a thorough understanding of the product and its origins. The long- term relationships that result from this conviction are key in providing stability for our suppliers and quality for our customers. SFI’s continued independence and reluctance to consider mergers or acquisitions directly pertains to their identity and core values. That is why the human factor will always take precedence over simple commerce at SFI.

Direct business


Quite simply, fruit is a fresh product. Meant to get to the end consumer as soon as possible after harvesting. That is why SFI has a strong preference for 'direct business'. Without the intervention of an agency or intermediary, through partnerships with growers/exporters. This has the added advantage that products are 100% traceable and we have a good overview of the quality.

Personal contact with our supplier


Personal relationships that go beyond internet conversations or brief meetings at trade fairs. We attach great importance to meeting all our suppliers on location. Getting to know each other personally and maintaining a relationship gives the best feeling when doing business.



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