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This is SFI Fruit. A dedicated and passionate team of specialists in the fruit sector with locations in Rotterdam and Hamburg. You don't become a specialist overnight; years of accumulated experience ensure good, lasting relationships. This way, SFI supplies high-quality products and keeps its promises with its own brands such as Supreme and Sunred.


SFI is about more than just fruit


The fact that SFI Fruit has achieved such a great position within the industry is thanks to Dirk Schulz. In 1977, Dirk Schulz started SFI Rotterdam as an independent importer. Today, the 2nd generation is in charge and, with a track record of more than 45 years, SFI is an established name in the industry.


How we work

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Due to the varied areas of expertise within the team, SFI has a wide range of products for a broad group of customers. Despite this wide range, SFI has a number of core products that we are keen to highlight.


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Available year-round and own SFI brand

Hard fruit

Apples and pears from South America and South Africa


Available year-round from various countries


Available year-round and own SFI brand

Stone fruit

Overseas seasons from Chile and South Africa


Known for own 'Heidl' brand in Organic and Conventional

Our values, your benefits


Trust is something you build up over the years; working together to achieve a shared goal creates lasting relationships. For more than 45 years, SFI has been known for its reliability and commitment to good relationships and the quality that customers want from us.

SFI has a team of specialists. All with passion for the world of fruit and years of experience. Meet our experts on the team page.


Our team

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